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Here at Touchtap we live and breathe our work. We also wear it on our sleeves. And our hoodies.

Here are a couple of our favorite dev-friendly brands that every developer can use to shore up their credentials.

Dvlpr – the original developer clothing company

DVLPR makes geeks look good.

DVLPR makes geeks look good.

All of the greatness, none of the vowels. Dvlpr is made by developers for developers, and sells high-quality apparel and accessories emblazoned with nifty tech-themed quotes and quips.

So if your studio attire has been limited to cheap meme tees, Dvlpr is what you need to level up your game. Visit them here and pick up some seasonal shirts to wear through to the New Year.

Dev Tees – tees for devs

A t-shirt a day keeps the doctor away is age-old wisdom most developers follow. And it’s something that Dev Tees is all about. Launched as a Kickstarter project back in 2013, they’ve been selling developer-themed tees since.

So if simple, comfy and geeky is your style, you can pick one up here.

J!NX – for those up-all-night gaming sessions

If you spend your free time glued to a console, J!NX has your back. With branded apparel celebrating Overwatch, WoW, PUBG and more, it’s made for nerding out on.

With clothing, accessories, toys, and merch, J!NX has plenty of gamer-themed products to pick from. Visit them here and stock up on enough gamer gear to keep you covered until you respawn.

NERDS – geekwear meets streetwear

NERDS clothing combines geekwear with streetwear.

NERDS clothing combines geekwear with streetwear.

Jersey-based NERDS Clothing combines geek chic with street gear for nerdy apparel that delivers street cred in spades.

With branded jackets, shirts, tanks and rucksacks, they’ve got everything you need to celebrate your not-so-inner dork. Visit them here to get that Ninja Nerdles tee you never knew you needed.

RIPT Apparel – designs for FOMO

RIPT Apparel has an ever-rotating selection of fandom-themed designs that will keep you refreshing your browser. Three new designs are uploaded daily, with “old” designs heading to the “Graveyard” for another 12 hours. After that they disappear altogether, so you’d better be quick on that buy button.

You can ship RIPT’s selection of tees, tanks, hoodie, sweatshirts and canvas wraps here. Just don’t be slow about it.

Have a developer-friendly clothing company that we’ve missed? Let us know!

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