Our favorite developer podcasts

Touchtap’s favorite developer podcasts

We’re pretty partial to developer podcasts. They’re great for commuting or delivering some inspiration when you’re out for a jog. Here are a few developer podcasts that the Touchtap team can’t get enough of. How I Built This by NPR You might know Guy Raz from the TED Radio hour, but he also hosts another […]

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Why micro apps are the next big thing

Are micro apps the new big thing?

Micro apps are the real MVP. And by MVP we mean minimum viable product. Because micro apps are pretty much what they sound like. They’re small apps that do just one thing. They’re simple, specific and easy to use, with highly targeted functionality. Take your favorite banking app. It probably has loads of features – […]

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iOS vs Android: how to choose

iOS vs Android: what’s best for your mobile app?

You’re looking at building a native app, and you’re weighing up iOS vs Android for your first build. Why one or the other instead of both? iOS and Android apps are built on different platforms. To sell in both the Google Play Store and the App Store you’ll have to build a separate native app […]

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