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Is minimum wow the new MVP for mobile startups?

We read with interest a recent article on Forbes that proposed that the current obsession with MVPs for mobile startups might actually be working against startups’ interests. The lean startup approach favored by many investor-hungry new businesses encourages entrepreneurs to put their product in front of an audience ASAP. The preferred way to do this […]

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Why we love working with startups

Why we love building mobile apps for startups

After years in the digital solutions business, we can firmly state that we thoroughly enjoy building mobile apps for startups and entrepreneurs. Whether bootstrapped or investor funded, startups and entrepreneurs are our people. We’re a boutique studio built on a passion for what we do and a drive for seeing results in the world – […]

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App Store or Google Play? We look at the differences.

App Store or Google Play?

If you’re building an app, one of your first questions will be whether iOS or Android is best. There are pros and cons for each, but one factor to consider is the store platform your app will be pushed to. Let’s look at some of the differences between the App Store and Google Play – and […]

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Designing mobile apps for large screens

Designing user-friendly mobile apps for large screens

Our phones are getting bigger, but our thumbs aren’t. So how can we design mobile apps for large screens without sacrificing the user experience? The rule of thumb Phone screens may have doubled in size, but 75% of users still use their thumb to navigate around their phone. Almost half use just one hand when […]

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