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We held our first ever Touchtap Hackathon 2016 on January 14th. The team split up roles – one designer and two developers, and geared up to build our first idea.


Meet Otter.

What is Otter? Let me explain a bit. Have you ever wondered what your location would be on the opposite side of the world? Would you be in some cool city (or in the middle of an ocean)? Which one would it be? What restaurants could you go to? What would the weather be like? Well, your location on the other side of the world is called your antipode.

What the krap is an antipode?

To calculate your antipode, you do some simple math on a lat/long point. But essentially, its where you are on the other side of the world. Other… kind of sounds like Otter?

Technologies we decided to use in this Hackathon were iOS, iPhone and Apple Watch. In addition, we made a distinct decision to use beautiful mapping software. So we chose to use MapBox because it provide the capabilities for us to customize the look and feel of our map. Some of the features we targeted in the first session are outlined in the designs below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.50.13 PM






















The watch would be notified three times a day, of your current antipode. You can navigate to your antipode on the app and the watch version. Super cool! After the team finished a 6 hour run in the hackathon, we de-briefed and reviewed our progress. We finished the app portion, and still had some things to finish up on the Watch.

What was good about the first hackathon of 2016?

The team had a blast taking time to build something they wanted to build, with technology that had been on the list of things to learn for some time. They enjoyed working with the Apple Watch and MapBox, and sort of “playing” with the new tech. Although we didn’t finish, we are planning on putting on the finishing touches next hackathon. And whats more, we’ve got new ideas for features to add  during the next session. I’m excited to finish the build and get in the app store to showcase the teams amazing work.



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