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The boom in transportation startups began with Uber and Lyft. Since then we’ve seen dozens of ridesharing and vehicle rental startups spring up around the world. Micro-mobility startups, as they’re called, are big business, and consumers and VCs alike can’t get enough.  

Here are some of the micro-mobility startups that have caught our eye.

Image of bicycle painted on a road.
For city drivers, bikes are the new cars.

Bird – e-scooters on demand

Bird makes scooting around cities a breeze, and an eco-friendly one at that. Simply use the app to find and unlock a scooter near you, get to where you’re going, then use the app to end your ride. Bird is currently active in 100+ cities, including our very own Dallas and major international hubs like Paris and London.

Cangoroo – the original pogo stick rental

It’s not a joke, although it does sound like one. Cangoroo is currently laying the groundwork to deliver rent-enabled pogo sticks to five cities around the world, including San Francisco. Users will be charged a per-minute (not per-hop) fee. Cangoroo might be a novelty startup that serves more as a fun marketing point for cities than actual transportation, but we can see it catching on.

Spinlister – global bike rentals

Like AirBnB for bikes, Spinlister lets you rent a bike, surfboard or snowboard from owners all around the world. Search for the right ride wherever you are, then book and pay via the site. Spinlister is a platform, meaning that you can also earn cash by renting your own equipment to other users.

Lime Bike – scooter and bike sharing

You’ve probably seen Lime Bike’s distinctive green vehicles scattered throughout your city. The premise is simple and familiar. Just use the app to find and unlock a vehicle, go for a ride, then end your ride when you want. Valued at over $1bn, Lime Bike is available in more than 100 cities in the US (including Dallas) plus in Europe, Africa and Australia.

Boatsetter – peer-to-peer boating

Okay, so it’s not the most convenient way to get around, but boats are a vehicle better rented than owned. Startup Boatsetter makes it easy to get out on the water with a boat, jet ski or other aquatic vehicle. If you’re licensed, you can head out on your own; if not, you can arrange for a captain to take you for a cruise. If you do happen to be a boat owner, you can make yours available for rent with just a few clicks.

Turo – private car rentals

An AirBnb for cars, Turo is the world’s biggest car sharing marketplace. Using the app you can find the ride of your choice wherever you go, then drive off into the sunset. Insurance is included, so don’t fret. Unlike typical rental car companies, Turo lets you rent cars of all types, so if you’ve had your eye on that sports car or lifted truck, here’s your chance. Plus you can also rent out your own ride to other drivers for some extra cash.

Image of two kids riding a scooter.
Micro-mobility startups make getting around without a car a breeze.

Micro-mobility startups are driving changes in how we drive

The above are just a handful of the dozens of micro-transportation and ride sharing startups that are making waves in a big way in urban environments. Ideal for short trips – and 60% of urban trips are short – they’re an eco- and traffic-friendly alternative to car ownership.

There’s a reason that micro-mobility has enjoyed “the fastest technological adoption in history.” In fact, we’re even starting to see startups that crunch the data around micro-mobility startups, suggesting that plenty more is yet to come.

With micro-mobility or MaaS (mobility as a service) startups on the rise globally, it might be time to ditch the second car and work on regaining those childhood scooter skills.  

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