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If you want your Texas app startup to succeed you need to listen to your customers. But while it’s tempting to fire up that analytics screen and start crunching the numbers, too often this approach means skipping hearing from your users themselves.

We get it: quantitative data is easy to collect and analyze. But without qualitative data, you only have half the picture. Quantitative data gives you the what, but qualitative data gives you the why. And that why is essential for ensuring that your Texas app startup is meeting customer needs.

In short: qualitative feedback can help you create a better product, and a better user experience.

Here are a few examples of how qualitative data can improve your offer.

Qualitative feedback helps you understand why users aren’t buying

So you've figured out why users aren't converting. High-five!

So you’ve figured out why users aren’t converting. High-five!

Your analytics page is great for telling you whether customers are or aren’t converting. That’s a good start. But don’t you want to know why?

Qualitative feedback can be used to identify the features, characteristics and price points that are helping sell a product. Or it can be used to highlight a gap in your offer. Maybe users need more information on what your product is. Maybe they want to test it before they buy it. Or maybe it’s just too expensive.

You can use real, in-their-words feedback from both buyers and non-buyers to help guide your updates and improve your conversions.

Qualitative data helps you figure out where users are getting stuck

Your download numbers are great, and your new users are all opening up your new app. But from there, the numbers drop off. What’s going on?

Quantitative data can provide some hints, but qualitative data can show you what’s going on in users’ minds. Perhaps the onboarding process is confusing. Maybe they don’t want to create an account. Or maybe they just don’t see enough value for the time commitment.

Through interviews and surveys you can find out exactly what the issue is – and design a more user-friendly way of going about it.

Qualitative data can tell you what users think of a product

Knowing what users think of your Texas app startup is invaluable.

Knowing what users think of your Texas app startup is invaluable.

Your analytics can tell you how much time users spend on your app or how much they spend. But quantitative data can’t show you what they really think of it.

A qualitative approach, on the other hand, can give you voice of the customer information. You can use surveys, interviews or even social listening tools to find out exactly what users are saying about your Texas app startup. Perhaps they love that your app is fast to load or intuitive to share. Maybe they want to see a specific new feature.

With qualitative data, you can know for sure – and implement accordingly.

Qualitative data makes your feedback human

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is that qualitative data is a constant reminder that your users aren’t just bars on a chart: they’re people. Actively listening to them helps ensure that you consider them every step along the way – as real humans, not just KPIs. And that kind of empathy is what separates a good app from an excellent one.

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