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Sticky apps. Sounds unappealing, doesn’t it? In fact, you want your app to be sticky. Sticky apps are ones that keep a user returning for more. After all, you want your users to “stick to” your app, not slide right off!

Let’s take a look at what exactly defines a sticky app – and how you can make sure yours fits the bill.

What exactly is stickiness?

Sticky apps > sticky notes.

Sticky apps > sticky notes.

Stickiness is a measure of retention and engagement. It means that your users are using your app on a regular basis – and they’re engaged. That means that they’re using your app in ways that can potentially generate revenue for you. Perhaps it’s through ad views, in-app purchases or a subscription upgrade.

Overall, stickiness helps you gauge the long-term health of your app. It can inform how you move ahead with new features and developments, and can give you insight into how long your users are likely to stick around.

Building sticky apps

So how do you go about building an app that keeps users sticking around? Sticky apps tend to share a few fundamental features.

Sticky apps:

– solve a problem or fulfill a need
– have a seamless onboarding process
leverage FOMO to get attention
– surface fresh and relevant content
– create an emotional connection

The trick is to provide something that users need, and that will keep them coming back. Design factors such as easy onboarding, regularly updated content and emotional branding will also help reduce churn and build loyalty among your users.

Measuring your app’s stickiness

Sticky apps: apps you can't get enough of.

Sticky apps: apps you can’t get enough of.

To figure out whether your app has got the sticky thing down, you’ll want to crunch some analytics. Note that the metrics that reflect your app’s stickiness will vary from app to app. For example, metrics like session duration are good indicators of stickiness for a gaming app, but can mean the opposite for “in and out” apps like a transport app.

Some metrics worth evaluating include:

– monthly and daily active users
– session duration
– conversion event stats
– user churn

Improving your app’s stickiness

Stickiness metrics such as the ones above give you the information you need to see what’s working – and what’s not. Combine these with information such as how users move through your app to find areas where you can improve the overall app experience.

In addition to working with aggregated data, you might also want to find your top users and see what they’re doing differently from other users. The data from these super fans can give you what you need to fuel your next iteration. Remember the Pareto principle: 20% of users will generate 80% of your income. Design with those users in mind, and you’ll be on to a good thing.

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