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You’ve built and launched your mobile app. Now all you need to do is sit back and watch the downloads climb. Right? Not so fast.

Apps are a bit like cars: they need regular maintenance and upkeep to make sure that they’re still safe to be on the road. Especially when the “roads” of the app world are liable to change at the whim of Apple or Google.

That’s where post-launch support comes in. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios where it’ll prove to be a good investment.

When your mobile app is a partial build

Post-app support can take your MVP to the next level.

Post-app support can take your MVP to the next level.

You might have launched with an MVP or something that’s going to be fleshed out in later iterations. If that’s the case, you’ll want to keep your dev team handy. You’ll probably have a roadmap outlining when your next iterations will go live and your dev team will be there to take the lead on new updates, integrations and implementations.

When customers have thoughts (as they do)

Even the most rigorous testing process can miss things. And users aren’t shy about coming back with questions, suggestions or bugs that need to be fixed ASAP. Keeping your dev team on an app store support retainer makes it easy to monitor feedback, track and squash bugs and stay on top of general maintenance.

When your app is performing in unexpected ways

Get your app back on track with post-app support.

Get your app back on track with post-app support.

You know your customer personas and user stories inside out. But the way people hypothetically use an app doesn’t always reflect real life. Your dev team can help crunch customer stats and data to see who’s using your app and how. And if crashes are occurring, they can quickly get on top of the when and why – and fix it.

When OS updates change the landscape for your app

Your app might be fine and dandy, but an OS update can pull the rug out from underneath it. Having a post-launch support team in your court means that you can proactively check for updates and make changes ASAP. Security certificates, stability assurance and the latest and greatest in integrations can all be taken off your hands.

Building a great app isn’t just about delivering it into the world. It’s about keeping it functioning the way users expect. And a lot of that happens after the launch. By fleshing out a solid roadmap (and budget) with your dev team you can future proof your app as much as possible – and then take the changes as they come.

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