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Your mobile app is built and launched. But you can’t just set it and forget it. Just like a car, your mobile app needs regular maintenance and updates. A regularly maintained app is robust and stable. Plus new features are a great way to draw new users while encouraging existing users to keep coming back.

So just how frequent should your mobile app updates be?

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Once a month is your app update minimum

Don't neglect your mobile app updates!

Don’t neglect your mobile app updates!

Update schedules vary, but most successful apps update anywhere from 1-4 times per month. These updates can include bug fixing, platform updates and the addition of new features. And the big one: responding to user feedback.

Whether you need to update so frequently depends on what your app is, and what kind of state it was in when you launched. A bare-bones MVP will probably be frequently updated with new features as you continue to build out the app. Apps like games may include regular updates with new levels or unlocked content. However a simple, stable app like a clock or a to-do list can probably handle a more relaxed update schedule.

What’s the deal with these frequent updates?

App updates aren’t just about keeping your app performing well. They’re a marketing opportunity for your app. We’ve spoken before about how difficult it is to draw users back to an app. But updates are a handy way of doing so. When users browse through their “updated app” lists, your app is front of mind once more. Build in some great copy showing exactly what the update is and why they’ll benefit from it, and watch engagement grow.

Frequent updates have a few other benefits. They show users that your app is still being looked after and maintained, which helps to build trust. Plus updates that coincide with major OS updates will keep Apple and Google happy.

No, you can’t just wing your update schedule

Update your mobile app on schedule.

Update your mobile app on schedule.

When you buy a car, it comes with a handbook telling you when to take it in for a service. Your app should have a similar roadmap to see it through its post-launch days. Typically, you’ll begin with bug-focused updates to ensure immediate uptake and good reviews. After that you can start rolling out new refinements and features long with your bug fixes. At launch you should have several releases planned – with about six months worth of updates broadly mapped out. That said, you want your release schedule to be flexible enough to account for any major platform updates or urgent changes.

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