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The mobile app reigns supreme in all areas of our lives. Fitness, banking, travel and social: there’s an app for that. But as apps become more integrated into our day, our expectations of them continue to grow. We seek sleeker, cleaner, frictionless experiences – and won’t settle for less.

Let’s take a look at how the mobile app world will respond to our heightened user experience demands in 2018.

User journeys will become short trips

Every time we use a mobile app we have a goal in mind. We want to buy something, share information or complete a task. The more easily we can achieve these goals, the better. 2018 design trends will emphasize linearity and progressive disclosure to help users get from A to B ASAP.

Minimalism is the new clutter

Minimalism is here to stay.

Minimalism is here to stay.

Design has been trending towards minimalism for a while now. It’s partly aesthetic, and partly a response to the overwhelming “noise” of our daily lives. 2018 will celebrate simplicity through hierarchy, color contrast, material design and an emphasis on content – not style. This one goes hand in hand with frictionless user journeys.

Wave hello to mobile app gestures

The new iPhone X has done away with the tactile home button. This requires integrating gesture into even basic app navigation. Mobile app designers will have to come up with new and intuitive ways of helping users get around their phones. Expect to see a mix of multi-touch gestures and helpful way-finding animations in 2018’s mobile apps.

New year’s screen resolution

The iPhone X and the Galaxy S8 have given us maximum screen to work with. Borders have vanished, taking imagery to the very edges of the screen. But with this extra screen real estate comes extra responsibility. Images and visual assets need to be high-def enough to look great on oversized retina-quality screens. 2018 will be the year of HD graphics and videos.

We’ll continue to get personal

Sign in with your thumb (or face)

Sign in with your thumb (or face)

Personalization has been a hot trend for a while, and it’s not going anywhere. A great mobile app experience is one that’s tailored to a particular user. With rapidly improving AI, geo-location services, user behavior records and biometric functionality, expect to see more apps that deliver an experience made just for you.

Thumbs-up authentication

More and more apps are using biometrics for authentication. Instead of typing in usernames and passwords on a fiddly phone keyboard, your thumbprint does the job. And with the iPhone X, facial recognition will speed up the process further. The days of log-in screens may well be going the way of 2017.

It’s time to rethink our reality

They’ve been on our radar forever, but VR and AR are finally hitting the mainstream. Both Google and Apple have launched AR dev kits, making it a breeze to build AR into a mobile app. From social filters to IRL gaming to work-related tools, AR will make your phone your 2018 Swiss army knife.

It’s only early days for 2018, but we’re excited to see what the year ahead has in store for us!

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