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You have a brilliant app idea, but to build it you need the right mobile app digital partner. If you’ve narrowed down your prospects to a shortlist, here’s what to ask before making the final decision.

1 Can I see your apps?

Your mobile app digital partner probably has an online portfolio to review, so check this first. In addition to viewing screenshots, you might also want to download some of their apps or read reviews on the app stores. Not all studios will showcase all of their apps in their portfolio, so if there’s something you want to see, just ask.

2 Can I speak to past clients?

Your mobile app digital partner should be experienced with apps like yours.

High-performing apps are just one part of the equation. You want to know that your prospective mobile app digital partner is great to work with. You can ask to speak to past clients with apps in a similar vertical, or read client reviews on sites such as Clutch or Upcity. This will give you insight into how the studio works.

3 What services do you offer?

Building a mobile app is a multi-step process. You don’t just want a “code monkey”. You want a team who can help you with discovery, design, development, testing, production release, support and maintenance. Basically, your team should be able to support you through the entire app development process. Don’t forget to ask whether the team is comfortable building apps for different operating systems.

4 How does it all work?

Make sure you know how the studio works and what to expect. Ask about prospective timelines, how often they’ll check in with you, and any possible issues that might arise – and how they’ll respond to them. You want to be confident that your project will proceed smoothly and on time. Don’t forget to ask who owns the code and what happens if you jump ship midway through the project.

5 Who’s working on my app?

Typically you’ll have one point of contact who may or may not be a developer. Find out who’ll actually be working on your app, and what kind of background that they have. Ideally they’ll have experience working on similar apps.

6 What kind of support do you offer?

Your mobile app digital partner should be working to create your vision for your app.

Your mobile app digital partner should be working to create your vision for your app.

Apps are like cars: they need regular maintenance to keep performing at their best. Your mobile app digital partner should provide you with a roadmap with future updates and maintenance planned out. Find out the costs of these updates, how bug fixes are handled, and how much attention you can expect post-launch.

7 What do you expect from me?

Expect some level of involvement throughout the process. Your studio will need your input into and approval over things like wireframes, prototypes and the final app. No matter how good they are, they’re working to transform your vision into reality, and no one knows your vision better than you. Find out what this involvement looks like, and how present you’re expected to be throughout the process.

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