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You’ve designed, built and launched your mobile app. Now (or ideally concurrently) comes the marketing side of things. Getting your app out there is one thing, but getting the word out is another entirely.

To ensure that your mobile app makes a splash over the long-term, you need to ensure that it’s supported by a solid suite of marketing collateral.

A professional, click-worthy app store listing

Does your mobile app have its own microsite?

Does your mobile app have its own microsite?

Your app won’t get far without an optimized app store listing. This page is where users make the ultimate decision to download your app, so be sure to present your app in its best light. Offer a concise, helpful description of your app, include attractive screenshots, and highlight features and functionality. You can read more on how to write an app listing that shines here.

An updated, easy-to-use website

Augment your app store listing with a microsite that showcases your app in serious style. Brand and style the site in a way that complements or extends the functionality of your app, giving users a sneak peek of what your app offers. Add vibrant images, demo videos, FAQs, media kits and other click-worthy resources to get your app seen – or featured.

A presence on social media channels

Social media helps drive demand for your app. When creating a social campaign, be sure to craft content relevant to your core users. If you’ve built a productivity app, build your campaign around time-saving hacks and tips. Viral videos, block and article placement and targeted social media influencers can all help spread awareness of your app. Organic content is just part of it: don’t forget to leverage promoted posts and paid ads on key platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

A print and/or digital campaign

How's your mobile app marketing campaign doing?

How’s your mobile app marketing campaign doing?

Print ads may seem counterintuitive for an app campaign, but it all depends on what you’re marketing. Retailers like Target have used in-store ads to drive downloads of their apps. A Nivea ad campaign incorporated detachable “protect strips” that combined with an app to show the sun-blocking power of its products.

A mobile app spec/media kit for your sales team

If you’re trying to get traditional media channels to feature your app, you’ll need a media kit. Think screenshots, stats and benefits, testimonials, founder interviews, and media releases. Basically anything that journalists can use to build a piece about your app. If you’re in B2B create something similar your sales team can use to pitch your app to potential customers or clients.

Need help building out the marketing collateral for your mobile app? Drop us a line to see how we can help.

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