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You’ve built a great mobile app, and you’re doing everything in your power to drive discovery and boost downloads. But if you want to rise to the top of the App Store, knowing where and how users are finding your app is essential.

It’s generally true that most apps are found via search. But exactly what that search path involves varies from category to category.

Users find apps via search – mostly

Gamers browse, while other mobile app users search.

Gamers browse, while other mobile app users search.

New stats show that 69% of recent App Store downloads started with a search. But for games, that figure is just 56%. Game installs were much more likely to begin with a browse (24%) than other apps (9%).

So what does this data actually mean? That gamers are actively looking for something new to play – but they’re open to what that is. They may start with the overall games category and filter based on game type, but they’re not necessarily looking for something specific.

Non-gamers, on the other hand, are looking for a specific mobile app that meets a specific need at that moment. Hence their higher search activity. If you’re in this space, a clear and targeted app listing is essential.

But browsing is on the rise post-iOS 11

Is your app store listing properly optimized?

Is your app store listing properly optimized?

Even so, the App Store’s recent redesign was all about discoverability. Stats show that discovery via browsing has risen since the release of iOS 11 – just how much we’re still yet to see.

This is partly due to features like “App of the Day” and “Editor’s Choice” lists. Apps that make these lists see a huge surge in downloads that’s not doubt helping to bump up those discovery percentages. The browse-friendly navigation of the new App Store is also a factor.

But plenty of app discovery is bypassing the App Store altogether. In-app cross-promotion is huge for gamers, for example. About 17% of gaming downloads were the result of in-app ads from other games. If you’re producing multiple apps for a similar audience, this may be an approach worth taking.

Increasing visibility for your mobile app

To improve your mobile app’s chances, you need to make sure your app store listing is optimized.

Your title is the most important, particularly for non-gaming apps. Ensure that your title features keywords relevant to what users are searching for. Your subtitle is also a valuable tool for doing this. (But keyword “stuffing” won’t help you – once is enough.)

You’ll also want to make your Store page shine. Users tend to download from this page, not from search results. Short app preview videos showing the app in action win out against screenshots, so take the time to make one.

You can read more of our tips for optimizing your app store listing here.

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