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When crafting your mobile app UX – and UI – be sure to spare some time for your in-app copy. Sure, snazzy design and intuitive navigation does a lot of the heavy lifting on your app. But your copy’s is a powerful complement to these elements. And it’s one you can’t afford to overlook.

Let’s take a look at the role of copy in your mobile app and how you can make yours work for you.

Mobile app copy helps guide UX

Words with purpose: mobile app copy matters.

Words with purpose: mobile app copy matters.

App copy is typically simple, to-the-point and impactful. It has to be. There’s no room for wordy missives on mobile, and users value functionality and succinctness. Just like your design has to guide users to navigate through your app with ease, so too does copy.

App copy includes onboarding instructions, directions, button copy, list category titles and responses to user actions. Copy also plays a powerful role in push notifications, reminders, forms and permissions. All of these elements are core to your overall UX, and done well can take your app from good to great.

Your words are part of your brand

Just like design, copy isn’t only functional. It drives the voice and tone of your app. Are your users the type to “buy now” or “shop it up”? Do they press “send” or tap a smiley emoji to post a message? Even with limited space to work with, your copy choices can go along way towards communicating a brand voice that resonates with your target audience.

Business apps will speak very differently from gaming apps. And social media apps with younger demographics have a very different tone from those aimed at older audiences. Every word you use helps build your app’s brand – assuming that it fits user expectations of what that brand is. That’s why it’s so important to be consistent, cohesive and “on-brand” with your copy.

Writing the perfect mobile app copy

Test and refine your mobile app copy.

Test and refine your mobile app copy.

Great mobile app development teams approach their copy as part of their UX development. They know their users, their users’ pain points and goals, what users are feeling and how they want to feel. Then they painstakingly combine user testing and analytics to ensure that their copy is up to scratch.

Each has its benefits. User testing sessions can help show where users are frustrated or confused, giving the team a chance to adjust copy (and overall design) to reduce friction. Heatmaps, on the other hand, can give insight into how users behave around pop-ups or permissions requests. Once the team has made the tweak, A/B testing can be used to evaluate the success of the new copy.

Your app is more than its tech specs

It’s easy to judge UX based on the tech side of things. An app that loads fast or is highly personalized gets top marks. Right? Sure, it’s a start. But just as good design isn’t just a coat of paint slapped on top of a wireframe, good copy isn’t just some words slapped on top of a finished design. Empathetic, meaningful and enjoyable copy can add that much-needed human touch to your app.

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