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It all begins as a brilliant idea, then before you know it you have your own application in the app store. It’s a great feeling that comes after months (sometimes even years) of stress, hard work, more stress, and slowly coming to the realization that your idea is now a reality. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of launching before you realize you haven’t figured out your next step.

No matter what size business you have, the work continues long after your application launches. If you find yourself asking “now what?” you aren’t alone. Once your app launches, then the real fun work begins.



Both Google and Apple have published their ever-changing comprehensive guidelines so you can be on top of all requirements that must be met before an application is submitted. Although you have (hopefully) already passed all of each respective store’s guidelines before your app is published, it is important to know the latest updates. This will help you with your application updates as well as grasp a better understanding of the current marketplace.



There are a lot of ways to promote your new application to your desired users. First of all, your landing page is able to be published before the app is even available. This allows people to hear of your application before it is ready. Once the app is launched, make sure to update the description. Secondly, you can promote your app anywhere within your company’s marketing. From social media to billboards, it is up to you how you inform others of your app. Lastly, never stop promoting. As long as your application is active, you need to promote it. The more work you put into informing your audience, the more they will interact with your app.



Application analytics let you know who is using your app, how often, and for what periods of time. Analytics can give you a good reading of your audience, what they like about your work, and what aspects appeal to them most. The information given by analytics provides valuable insight into what you can do to improve your application with each update.



Every application will have bugs. It’s a fact. However, if you know how to handle it and fix them properly, then you will be fine. Keep yourself up to date on any feedback regarding your app, whether online or through store reviews. The best way to make sure your application is working properly is to use it. It might sound vain, but interacting with your application on a daily basis will let you know what is and isn’t working, and where you need to focus your maintenance efforts.


Launching an app is exciting, fun and often comes after a lot of hard work. Once your app is in the store, it is up to you to make sure it thrives. Good luck and happy developing!

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