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You’ve got a brilliant mobile app startup idea that’s passed your market validation test with flying colors. Now you’re ready to bring it to life. But before you do, you’ll want to sit down and define your budget (and your business plan). Here are a few things to consider along the way.

Why does the world need your mobile app?

Maybe your app is a standalone industry disrupter. Perhaps it’s an extension of your e-commerce brand’s capabilities. Or maybe you’re getting the jump on a competitor who’s considering branching out with an app. Determining why your app needs to exist will help you position it in the marketplace. You’ll also be able to gauge timelines, make competitor cost comparisons and, if relevant, figure out how it will tie into your brand’s wider ecosystem.

What platform is best for your Texas mobile app startup?

Are you building for iOS, Android or Windows (or all three)? The answer will depend on your target audience, so know who you’re building for before you start development. Note that costs can vary between platforms: Android builds can be more expensive due to their need to work across multiple devices, for example. Additionally, development costs are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also need to factor in maintenance and update costs throughout the life of your app.

Keep an eye on the budget for your Texas mobile app startup.

Who’s going to build your mobile app?

Maybe you have an in-house team, or maybe you’re going to partner with a mobile app development firm to do the build. Unless you already have an existing company and dev team, we recommend the latter. As app developers we specialize in efficiently building and maintaining high-quality apps – and mapping out a budget is part of our process. If you have an MVP or partially finished app you need help with, we can consult on the best path forward, too!

What’s the functionality of your app?

Here’s where most of the cost variances will come in. Added functionality comes with added costs. If you need a log-in, massive data storage, a marketplace, IoT functionality or eCommerce functionality, expect costs to climb accordingly. Of those, IoT and marketplace apps tend to require the most resources. And if your app is going to be a clone of a mega-successful app, expect to pay for it. Uber wasn’t built in a day on a shoestring budget!

You’ll need to budget more than this for your Texas mobile app startup!

How are you going to market your app?

Building a great app is just the beginning. It’s a competitive environment out there, so make sure you have the funds set aside for getting the word out about your Texas mobile app startup. Social media, paid ads and editorial placements are just a few channels you’ll need to consider. (Check out our post on marketing your app.)

Who’s going to maintain your app?

An app is like a car: even the shiniest, most beautifully engineered product needs regular maintenance. Device and software updates are common, and your app needs to keep up with the times. Ensure that you’ve budgeted for maintenance – whether as part of your ongoing staffing costs or a maintenance plan with your mobile app developer.

Still not quite sure how to go about preparing a detailed budget for your Texas mobile app startup? We can help you define your app and determine a budget for you. Just drop us a line!

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