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As mobile app developers, we know that apps aren’t just for entertainment. They help us work more efficiently, cost effectively and collaboratively. Here are a few we consider to be among the best mobile apps for small businesses.

Xero – small business accounting

Need an easy way of keeping on top of your accounts? Xero’s the answer. It makes handling invoicing, payments and expenses a breeze, and it even pulls in your bank feeds for simplified account reconciliation. Plus a new integration with Gusto means it can manage your payroll needs as well. But if Xero isn’t your thing, QuickBooks is another crowd favorite.

Slack – team communications

One of the best mobile apps for small businesses, Slack makes it easy to check in with your team.

Check in with Slack.

Whether you work with a distributed team or you’re tired of long email chains, Slack has you covered. Now you bring your team members together with a real-time IM system. You can create new channels for new projects or teams, and easily loop in the relevant members. Everything’s searchable, and uploading and sharing documents is simple.

TripIt – travel planning

Traveling for work is a necessary evil, but with TripIt planning for it doesn’t have to be quite as evil. Use it to create itineraries, sync and share travel plans and manage all of your travel documents and contacts. From hotels through flights, car rentals and even restaurant reservations, TripIt can handle it – whether you’re traveling solo or as part of a team. Flying with a manila folder full of crumpled printouts is finally a thing of the past.

Basecamp – project management

Basecamp is a popular project management tool that lets you organize projects across six different categories. You can assign tasks and deadlines, and add notes so that everyone’s kept in the loop. Chat rooms, message boards, document storage, calendars, task lists and check-in systems encourage accountability and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Trello and Asana are other notable mentions in this category.

Dropbox – document storage

Tired of emailing documents or keeping track of your thumb drives? Take it to the cloud with Dropbox. You can upload, share and edit documents in the cloud, saving yourself precious server space. Permissions let you define who can access what document, and real-time updates ensure that everyone’s viewing the right version of a given document. Plus Dropbox autosyncs across all of your devices. Still not feeling it? Google Drive is another popular alternative.

ShipStation – postage and shipping

If you’re a business that regularly ships packages and items to customers or clients, ShipStation just made your life easier. Use it to import orders, rate-shop and print labels for all carriers, and track your packages. It even helps manage your inventory for you so that you never run low. Those long lines at the post office are a thing of the past.

Expensify – staff expense claims

Expensify simplifies your expense reports.

Expensify simplifies your expense reports.

Tired of wrangling expense reports? Expensify simplifies the workflow for both employer and employee by making it easy to snap, save and organize expense reports. Expensify automatically pulls out the merchant data, date and amount – and can even turn online purchase confirmations into reimbursable receipts.

Buffer – social media management

If you’re juggling half a dozen social media accounts, Buffer’s for you. With it you can connect up to 25 social accounts and schedule up to 2,000 posts a month, and you can pull in multiple team members as needed. A robust analytics dashboard lets you know which posts are performing, and how.

MailChimp – marketing campaigns

If you want to keep your customers or clients in the loop with an email newsletter or ad campaign, MailChimp is the app for you. Create and send unique campaigns tailored to a specific audience, and monitor insights into who’s clicking – or not. It’s definitely up there as one of the best mobile apps for small businesses.

HubSpot – an everything CRM

HubSpot is an all-in-one hub for sales, marketing and customer service for businesses small and large. Use it to grow your traffic, run marketing campaigns, automate sales emails and handle customer feedback. You can also assign tasks or emails to colleagues – with everything kept in one spot.

We don’t just use the best mobile apps for small businesses – we build them! If you’re in the market for a mobile app and need someone to build it, get in touch.

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