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Micro apps are the real MVP. And by MVP we mean minimum viable product.

Because micro apps are pretty much what they sound like. They’re small apps that do just one thing. They’re simple, specific and easy to use, with highly targeted functionality.

How many micro apps are on your phone?

How many micro apps are on your phone?

Take your favorite banking app. It probably has loads of features – though you’ll probably only use one or two. The micro app equivalent would have only one function. Checking your bank balance or changing your PIN, for example.

So how do they do it? Micro apps are light-weight HTML applications that integrate right into existing platforms for speed and efficiency. They can stand alone, or as part of an existing app – think Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts or Slack.

Why the growth in micro apps?

If both users and our technologies are growing more sophisticated, then why the shift back to the simple? One reason is the speed at which companies are required to push new products and functionalities live for staff or customers. Another is being able to provide seamless UX.

Focusing on the small and specific via micro apps meets both of these use cases.

Micro apps: sometimes micro is better

Micro apps: sometimes micro is better

Additionally, the beauty of micro apps is that they’re responsive in nature. They can be promptly spun up in response to a particular requirement as it arises. Companies can extend the functionality of existing apps as needed without the cost of building out a whole new version.

Micro apps can also form the “building blocks” of a larger application. That’s because each micro app can run independently, allowing for easy compartmentalization. This can be beneficial when it comes to testing, scoping, build time and maintaining up-time.

What makes a good micro app?

Micro apps are all about simplicity and efficiency. They solve one problem quickly and easily. Ideally they’re quick and easy to access, deliver seamless UX, are highly functional and span multiple channels.

For companies, they’re cost effective, and can cut the build costs of developing a fully featured mobile app.

Simple, quick to build and affordable, micro apps can be a powerful add-on to an existing app – or a streamlined solution to a simple problem.

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