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You’ve launched your mobile app on the App Store and Google Play. Now it’s time to increase traction. Here are 6 tips for optimizing your App Store and Google Play listings to drive more views and downloads.

1. Pick the right keywords.

Use a keyword search tool to generate keywords around your app. Aim for about 50 to start, but make sure they’re relevant – no one likes a spammer. If you’ve just launched, aim for reasonably popular, low difficulty terms. If you’ve been around for a while, switch to high popularity, higher difficulty terms. However, if a keyword isn’t performing, drop it.

Protip: try mining your app reviews for high-quality keywords, and don’t forget to capture the long-tail with longer search phrases.

2. Choose a search-friendly name/title.

Your title sits right next to your icon, making it a big deal. Pick a name (App Store) or title (Google Play) that will capture attention and search traffic. You have limited space to play with (30 chars for the App Store; 50 for Google Play), but you still have room to add a keyword after your app name or title. Using a relevant keyword in your title can improve your ranking by over 10%.

Protip: skip the special characters, as these can affect search results for your app.

Position your app for success on the App Store and Google Play

3. Master your subtitle and short description.

In terms of App Store Optimization, the App Store’s subtitles and Google Play’s short description field carry equal weight. The App Store’s subtitle field gives you 30 characters to play with. Choose them well, because they influence both rankings and click-throughs. Opt for keyword-optimized terms that describe your app but that don’t repeat anything in your title field. Over on Google Play, the short description field gives you 80 characters. This is a great place to leverage your keywords.

Protip: Google Play also has a long description field that influences search rankings. The App Store has a description field of its own, but content in here doesn’t affect rankings. For both stores, put your best content in the first 3 lines.

4. Select your categories wisely.

Keywords matter for search, but categories rule when it comes to browsing. The App Store lets you pick two categories: primary and secondary. Make the primary category the one that’s most applicable to your app, and the second the one that broadens your chances of being found.

Protip: if multiple categories apply, pick the ones with less competition.

5. Get your reviews happening.

Reviews and ratings are a major driver of downloads, and they also positively affect your ranking. With 95% of users reading reviews before downloading, they’re a must. Use in-app requests to encourage power users to leave reviews, and try reaching out to sites with engaged user bases who would be interested in leaving feedback for your app.

Protip: don’t ask users to review your app right away. Wait until they’ve spent time with it, and until they’ve completed a set high-value task before asking for feedback.

Great visuals can mean the difference between a download…or not.

6. Upgrade your visual assets.

Looks matter in the digital world. Along with user ratings, visual assets have significant impact on your conversion rates. Ensure that you have a clear, eye-catching logo that scales for easy viewing on any device. And pick great screenshots that show your app in its best light. You can pick 8 on Google Play and 10 on the App Store, but for both stores the first 2-3 are the most important. Google Play also lets you use a feature graphic, so upload a good one!

Finally, both stores let you upload a video to your listing (or link to YouTube in the case of Google Play). Use your video to highlight your top few features, and always keep it under 30 seconds.  

You’re ready to thrive on the App Store and Google Play!

The above tips will help you drive traffic, click-throughs and conversions on the App Store and Google Play. With luck you’ll climb up the rankings as well!

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