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So you’re building a mobile app and you’ve got an app developer (us, maybe?) lined up. But while you’ll typically have one point of contact for the job, there are plenty of others working behind the scenes to get your app built.

Let’s take a look at some of the job titles you’ll come across – and who does what.

Your project manager keeps things running smoothly.

Your project manager keeps things running smoothly.

Project Manager

Your Project Manager handles budgets, timelines and deliverables. They’re responsible for overseeing the smooth progress of your app. If anything crops up, they’ll help make the necessary adjustments to keep things ticking along. Often they’ll be your main point of contact throughout the whole process.

Back-end Developer

Back-end Developers build what’s under the hood of your app. They make servers, databases and applications talk to each other so that your app functions. Back-end Developers give your app the ability to do things like load information and save data. Sometimes they’ll also do some front-end development work. Developers who can do both are called full-stack developers.

UX (User Experience) Designer

Your UX Designer is in charge of ensuring that your app is seamless and intuitive to use. There are often many different solutions to a given problem, but it’s your UX Designer’s job to pick the right one for your audience. They’ll define storyboards, task flows, interactions and even basic wireframes, making sure your app is as user-friendly as possible.

UI (User Interface) Designer

User Interface Designers define the layout of your app. They take what the UX Designer has mapped out and translate it to the screen. Your UI Designer is in charge of things like buttons, menus and the order of information on the screen. They’ll also ensure that your app is consistent in terms of what it looks like and how you interact with it.

Graphic (or Visual) Designer

Graphic designers give your app that pixel magic.

Graphic designers give your app that pixel magic.

Graphic designers are the ones who give your app that layer of pixel magic. They take the work of your UX and UX Designers and beautify it with thoughtful color palettes, careful contrast and spot-on renderings. They’re crucial to branding your app – as well as ensuring a great looking final results. Depending on the size of a studio, this role may be folded in with the UI Designer role, or even a Motion Designer role.

Front-end Developer

Front-end Developers do the programming that makes everything you see on the screen functional. They translate all of the design team’s work into web (or phone) speak, so that your app is more than just a pretty picture. They’ll often work closely with UI, UX and Graphic designers – or in smaller studios may take on some of these responsibilities.

QA (Quality Assurance) team

The QA team is responsible for testing your app and making sure it works the way it’s meant to. Testing isn’t ad hoc: QA tests for specific problems or issues. Depending on the size of a team, developers, designers or 3rd party testers may step in to test your product.

While the above job roles are common for an app developer studio, you may also find yourself working with copywriters, marketers and more. It’s also common for smaller studios to have staff who wear multiple hats, so don’t be surprised if you find that your main point of contact is actually your lead developer!

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