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Everything you build should be created with people in mind. Building an app that does what users want, how they want it is key to success. Failing to do that means disgruntled users and plenty of uninstalls.

Here are 8 things users never want to see in your mobile app.

1 Long load times

No one likes a slow-loading mobile app. If refreshing a feed or waiting for the app to respond to input takes longer than an instant, users won’t be happy. Apps that take too long to download from the App Store are also a problem. Optimize your app to avoid long load times, lag and time-outs, and your users will love you for it.

2 Intrusive ads

Depending your business model, ads are a necessary evil. But no one likes ads. There’s a reason that ad blockers abound and that people have cut cable in favor of Netflix. If you’re going to run ads on your app, be mindful of your user and make sure they don’t take over the whole experience. The same advice applies to intrusive in-app purchases.

3 Unusable buttons

Sure, phones are getting bigger, but that doesn’t mean that you need to squash your buttons together. Allow for “fat fingers” so that users won’t accidentally end up performing an unintended action. Space is your friend – and your user’s.

4 Stalkerish push notifications

Push notifications are great for encouraging engagement with your app. But they have to be valuable. No one wants to receive dozens of meaningless notifications that don’t relate to them or what they’re doing. Be mindful of what you’re sending and when you send it. Make it worth the interruption.

5 Confusing onboarding

First impressions matter, so make your onboarding seamless and simple. Making your user jump through hoops just to get started will only encourage them to download someone else’s app. Make your onboarding as easy as possible – and then make it easier again.

6 Too many permissions

UX tip: make sure your app isn’t a battery drain.

Users are increasingly conscious about how their data is being used. If your app asks for access to their contacts, their camera, their location and more, don’t expect them to agree. Build your app so that it only needs the essentials, and protect your users’ data.

7 Too much info

Are you asking your users for dozens of personal details before they can even start using your app? Don’t expect them to provide it all. The less information you need from them, the better. Think twice before asking for a phone number, birthday or address if you don’t actually need it.

8 Battery drain

An app that runs down a battery is an instant candidate for deletion. Location services, multiple processes and large amounts of data sharing can all be battery drains. Apps that aren’t optimized for the latest platform versions can also be a problem. If this applies to your app, it’s a problem to fix ASAP.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does capture some of the most common things users never want to see in your mobile app. If you have an app idea and you want to ensure that your app gets it right, drop us a line!

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