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We’re all trying to do more with less. Fortunately, technology has our back with productivity apps built to help us manage our time, teams, projects, documents and reading.

Here are some of the productivity apps we use on a daily basis to stay on top of our tasks at work and at home.

1 Toggl

Toggl is one of our favorite time-tracking productivity apps.

Toggl is one of our favorite time-tracking productivity apps.

Toggl is a time tracker that makes logging your hours a breeze. Just name your task, assign it to a client and hit start. Intuitive reporting lets you see where your time was spent so that you can plan your time accordingly. Plus it works across devices and integrates with payment software like Xero, making invoicing simple. If you’re a freelancer, Toggl’s a must – but it’s also handy for anyone who wants to see where their time is going.

2 Slack

There’s a reason Slack is valued at over $7 billion. This simple chat-based communication tool makes it easy for your team to collaborate in real-time. You can create specific channels for specific projects, clients and team groups, and people can join or leave conversations as needed. Document sharing is easy, and the entire chat record is searchable. On-site and distributed teams alike can use Slack to their advantage – and all without the annoyance of email chains. It’s among the productivity apps we use daily.

3 Trello

If you need some help staying on top your projects, Trello’s the answer. This card-based project management tool lets you organize projects of any size. You can see what you’re working on, who’s working on it and what’s left to do at a glance. Just divide up your tasks the way that works for you, and add comments, attachments, checklists, labels and due dates as needed.

4 Evernote

Keep your notes in order with Evernote.

Keep your notes in order with Evernote.

Evernote makes it easy to synchronize your notes across different devices, platforms and users. You can save handwritten, typed and audio notes, and even pull in screengrabs. Plus you can password protect any sensitive data. Arranging and organizing your notes is easy, and saving receipts or even lengthy to-read items is a breeze. Now you can finally get rid of those paper notebooks.

5 Docusign

Skip the hassle of printing, signing and scanning documents with Docusign. This electronic signature app lets you sign and send documents in seconds using just about any device. It’s great for contracts, accounts, deliveries and more, plus it sends handy notifications letting you know when a document needs signing or has been countersigned.

6 Todoist

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of checking a task off your to-do list. With Todoist that satisfaction just got easier to achieve. Use it to create to-do lists for work, home and your personal life, and easily organize and prioritize your tasks. Points, streaks and levels let you measure your progress and review your completed tasks. As a bonus, Todoist also integrates with apps like Dropbox and Google Calendar.

7 Forest

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Stay focused on what’s important with Forest. This simple app rewards you for putting down your phone by giving you credits that can be used to plant real trees in the real world. If you need an incentive to stop scrolling and stay focused at work, at home or with friends, Forest is just the thing.

If you have an idea for a productivity app, or any other type of mobile app, and need some help building it, just drop us a line!

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