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5G is coming, and with it comes plenty of potential for shaking up mobile app development in 2019. Unlike 3G and 4G, 5G isn’t just about an increase in speed. 5G will deliver ultra-low latency communication, which means big things for AI, AR, VR and IoT.

So what does this mean for the mobile app development world?

Less reliance on hardware.

5G will mean less reliance on personal hardware.

5G will mean less reliance on personal hardware.

5G means that we’ll be butting up against real-time communication between devices. This means we can transmit large amounts of data with barely any delay. As a result, performance will be less reliant on the processing power of their hardware. Instead, data centers will be the ones doing the processing – and then streaming the data to devices.

High-speed, low latency.

The speed of 5G means that users can almost instantly download apps and files of just about any size. Apps will also respond faster to user input, negating the lag that frustrates users today. This high-speed, low-latency combination will be a boon for businesses in the gaming, AR/VR and file transfer/data storage spaces.

Drastically improved user experience.

Users are increasingly streaming audio and video. 5G will bring massively enhanced clarity to the streaming experience, delivering an improved audio-visual experience. High-quality static images, sound files and video files will become the norm, transforming the user experience.

Massive growth in key verticals.

Industry will benefit from 5G in 2019.

Industry will benefit from 5G in 2019.

5G will deliver overall improvements to most verticals, but a handful will experience faster-than-average growth.

These are:

– IoT (Internet of Things), due to real-time communication speeds and improved battery life.
– Smart Cities, due to real-time sensor networks at the city scale.
– AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), due to fast speeds and file transfer capabilities.
– Logistics and Industry, due to improved large-scale automation and remote control capacities.
– Healthcare, due to improvements in large-scale remote patient monitoring and wearable app reporting.

Now is the time to for 5G mobile app development.

The 5G rollout has already started. By 2020-2025, it’s estimated that 1.1 billion devices will be running on 5G, helping to usher in a fourth industrial revolution. Now is the time to think about updating your existing mobile app or launching a product that can tap into the new possibilities that 5G affords.

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