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Who doesn’t love summer break? Math teachers. Of all subjects, math suffers most from summer learning loss. On average students lose 2.6 months of math skills over the summer break. This requires 6 weeks of catch-up when school resumes.

The Summer Math Star iOS app, built by Touchtap.

The Summer Math Star iOS app

But just 10 minutes a day improves retention of math skills by 66%.

Introducing the Summer Math Star App 

Touchtap worked with math teachers to develop an iOS app to help students retain their math skills over the summer break. Delivering engaging and meaningful math exercises every week day, it ensures that hard-earned math skills remain fresh in students’ minds.

The app offers guided grade-level practice, giving students targeted exercises to improve confidence and understanding of core math concepts. Aligned with Common Core Math Standards and featuring an algorithm that adapts exercises to your student’s needs, it ensures well-rounded performance. In addition, regular alerts make it easy to track completion.

Topics covered include counting, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions and decimals.

 The Summer Math Star iOS App features:

  • timed, grade-appropriate daily exercises
  • progress bars and instant feedback
  • exercises that adapt to your student’s needs
  • daily reports for parents or teachers to review progress
  • game-like elements including badges and rewards

Purchase a grade level class to last the entire summer, or buy a multi-grade “bundle” to extend your student’s learning.

Touchtap is a digital agency specializing in mobile-first development.We can build your mobile app for you.

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