An app for real-time push-to-talk in the field

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VoiceLayer is bringing real-time push-to-talk functionality to any field operations app using a simple API/SDK. Touchtap improved the SDK and built out the Android app.

Transforming field communications

VoiceLayer gives software companies the ability to embed Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality into their field communications app. With its easy-to-use APIs, Voicelayer gives companies control over fast, deep and highly customized integration. Real-time streaming, always-on playback and integrated multimedia take its PTT to the next level.

Pushing a powerful idea live

VoiceLayer approached Touchtap to bring to life their Android offering and SDK. Partnering with their team, we built out a marketable sample app, improved upon their SDK and partnered for long-term expansion into other PTT Android devices.


Android mobile app development, SDK


Android Studio, Java, SDK Development, Backend API

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