An iOS Q&A app for parents.


Village connects parents with parenting experts to answer pressing questions. Touchtap helmed the 2.0 transition, including UI and UX restyling.

A powerful parenting resource

Village is a question & answer app that connects parents with like-minded moms, dads and top-of-their-class parenting experts. Parents ask questions to receive responses from others with shared experiences, or respond to others’ questions. Search, endorsement and bookmarking functionality round out the experience.

Taking an app to 2.0

Having been a prior Village user, Noah approached Chris of Village to see how Touchtap and Village could partner on mobile development. When the app was ready to move to 2.0, Chris approached Noah and Touchtap to help handle the transition.

Touchtap has supported the Village through their 2.0 transition, including a total re-styling of the app’s interface and experience. Major wins included resolving sizing issues and triggering auto-resizing question cells.


UX, UI, design, iOS app development


Xcode, Objective-C, Masonry, Git, Github, Greenhouse CI

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