A mobile app connecting the youth athletics community.

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Unify Sports is a community platform for youth athletics. Touchtap stepped in mid-project to build out the Android mobile app and backend API.

A central hub for youth sports

UNIFY is a mobile app for youth athletics that aims to educate parents, equip coaches, spotlight young athletes and help teams stay connected. The goal was to build a scalable, affordable and user-friendly app experience that would offer real-time community touch points.

Rescuing an incomplete project

The UNIFY creative team had started executing along their product roadmap but found themselves running out of developer hours with a long backlog of items still to complete.

They approached Touchtap to define how to best attack the remaining items. Touchtap finished building out the mobile app and the backend API – completing the backlog of outstanding items ahead of schedule and under budget.


Product roadmap, mobile app development, backend development


Android Studio, Java, Backend API

Learn More:

Website: http://unifysports.com/

Google Play (Example team): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unifysports.unify5d40e33ba0dd46da807569affd40900fandroidodp99b