A mobile CRM for automotive dealerships

TRONIX is a total relationship management system for automotive dealerships. Touchtap took an in-progress project and built out iOS and Android apps, along with integration into a SignalR backend.

A transformative dealership CRM

TRONIX is a total relationship management system serving automotive dealerships. Drawing on a 10-year history of innovation, its revolutionary F&I (finance and insurance) technology increases efficiency and profit. An integrated F&I menu selling system are designed for the seamless presentation of products, while built-in e-Contracting and e-Signature deliver a one-stop-shop experience.

Making an idea happen

The TRONIX team had a solid idea and a powerful end goal – but they’d stalled seeing it through. They approached Touchtap to revive their app development efforts for iOS and Android and to help get them over the line.

Picking up where they’d left off, we finished up the iOS and Android apps and built out the deductive selling and e-signature modules – a task that involved wiring in QR code recognition, signature tracking and integration into a SignalR backend.

The result is a system that delivers end-to-end relationship management at the tap of a screen.


Mobile app development, backend development


Xcode, Swift, Git, Github, GitLab, Confluence, Atlassian

Learn more:

Website: tronixtrm.com