The Summer Math Star iOS app, built by Touchtap.

Fairs, festivals and celebrations all in one place.

Built for iPhone and Android, The Talley Amusements mobile app lets users browse and explore upcoming events hosted by Talley Amusements. Touchtap provided app design and development.

An all-in-one amusements app

Talley Amusements is a free app for viewing and exploring upcoming events from Talley Amusements, a 5th-generation carnival amusements company. Users can view event details, promotions, maps and information about rides, games, and food. Users can also connect with Talley Amusements via social media, and join Talley’s Fun Club.

An iPhone app from the ground up

Touchtap was approached by the Talley Amusements team to design and develop the Talley Amusements app for both Android and iOS. Adhering to a tight turnaround time, we built out the UI and UX and undertook design and development, with thoroughly entertaining results.


App architecture, UI/UX design, iOS development, Android development


Xcode, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Realm

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