A native mobile app that transforms school payments.

School EventPay simplifies how schools communicate with and collect payments from parents. Touchtap built the software platform for School EventPay, including the transactional backend, web portal and mobile apps.

A centralized school event platform

School EventPay is free software that allows schools to manage event payment and communications. Schools can communicate directly with parents and students via the mobile app, and parents can use the app to seamlessly pay for school events without cash or checks. The system monitors RSVPs and payments in real-time, minimizing admin and follow-up.

A tech partnership from idea to launch

School EventPay approached Touchtap with a clear need: to simplify how schools manage event communications and payments. They had an idea and a vision, but needed a concrete solution to obtain funding and move forward.

Via our Discovery process, we defined a way to streamline and centralize school-parent communications and payments. We also outlined an MVP that the School PayIt team used during their funding applications.

With this milestone cleared, we partnered with School PayIt throughout Design, Development and Deployment of their platform, an ecosystem including a mobile app (native iOS & Android), a transactional backend and School administrator web portal.

We continue to support this amazing product and team today.


Mobile app development, platform development, API


Xcode, Swift, Android Studio, Java, Ruby on Rails, Heroku

Learn more:

Website: https://schooleventpay.com