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Musicbed is a full-service licensing platform offering a highly curated selection of songs for filmmakers to license for media projects. Touchtap architected and developed v3.0 of its iPhone app, including a new UI and updated features.

A platform delivering film-quality music

Musicbed is a free music licensing platform for filmmakers, photographers and advertisers. It makes quality music easily accessible, empowering creatives to tell better stories and supporting musical artists. Rich with a frequently updated catalogue of music, the Musicbed mobile app keeps creatives updated with new music for use in their projects.

A feature-rich version upgrade

Musicbed needed to round out their features and take their iOS app to the next level. They approached Touchtap, contracting us as senior consultants to oversee the architecting and development of the Musicbed app 3.0.

Partnering with their team, we built out a beautiful new interface design including a swipeable “What’s New” home screen, updated player with carousel features, playlist browsing & playback and wishlist creation. The update was positively received, and Musicbed continues to be an industry leader trusted by the world’s top brands.


App architecture, UI design, iOS development, API


Xcode, Swift, Alamofire, SnapKit, Realm, Backend API

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Website https://musicbed.com/