An iOS app bringing soccer highlights to fans

InMatch is an iOS app for soccer fans featuring game highlights, league tables and player stats. Touchtap built the iOS app, including architecture and UI/UX design.

Bringing soccer to the masses

InMatch delivers soccer highlights by fans, for fans. Users can find scores, event clips, match highlights, player stats and tournament details all in one place. Upcoming matches and schedules, along with league and tournament schedules keep fans up to date.

From architecture to development

Touchtap was subcontracted by Applico, Inc. to build the iOS app for the InMatch project. As Senior iOS consultants we provided architectural direction, UI/UX design suggestions and world-class mobile app development. We built out a beautiful interface, video capture & playback components, and an auto-refreshing timeline for live match review.


App architecture, UI/UX design, iOS development


Xcode, Swift, AVFoundation, Alamofire, SnapKit, Brightcove, Backend API

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