A personal meme-maker iOS app


Flips is an iPhone app that upgrades conversations via DIY media content. Touchtap redesigned the composition workflow and added international phone support and UX improvements.

A message convo upgrade

Flips is a mobile app that lets users augment their messages with personalized pics, videos, emojis and sound effects. Users can take content from their camera roll or create all-new content, then overlay it with sound and visuals for a truly creative approach to communication.

An upgraded composition workflow

With Flips 1.0 launched, the Flips team was reviewing their features roadmap and realized they needed outside assistance. They approached Touchtap to re-design and revolutionize the Flips composition workflow. Touchtap implemented a faster, easier composition workflow and added MMS export of Flips videos, international phone support and many user experience improvements.


Workflow design, iOS app development, UX


Xcode, Swift, Objective-C, Masonry, Git, Github, Twilio, Amazon Web Services, Pubnub

Learn more:

Website: http://flipsapp.com

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flips-picture-your-words/id989274961?mt=8