A mobile app for connecting equestrians

EquusHub is an online community for equestrians to share their experiences, shop a secure marketplace and browse a directory of equestrian businesses. Touchtap fleshed out, designed and built the MVP iOS product.

Facilitating Equestrian Connections

EquusHub is a global online community for equestrian enthusiasts who wish to share and connect in all aspects of the equine industry. It consists of three core facets: a community, a marketplace and a directory. The EquusHub iOS app lets users connect and share experiences, rate equestrian services, encourage other competitors and promote themselves. Via the marketplace, users can buy and sell new and used equestrian goods worldwide.

From concept to MVP

The EquusHub team approached Touchtap early in their concept phase. Their needs were clear: idea discovery and plan formation in order to build and deploy their mobile app.

Via our discovery process, Touchtap helped identify a solution that would deliver on EquusHub’s most essential requirements and that could be used as an MVP. We subsequently designed, built and tested the product, which launched in April 2017.


Mobile app development


Xcode, Swift, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Heroku

Learn more:

Website: http://equushub.com

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/equushub/id1244271487?mt=8