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It’s that time again when Apple-loyalists begin drooling over prospects of the next big thing from Apple Inc. Happening in San Francisco June 13-17, the Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, is an annual event hosted by Apple that gives developers from around the world a chance to get up close with Apple engineers and get a sneak peek at what’s next from the tech giant. For those in the technology industry, this is essentially the Oscars with less designer dresses.


Rumors of Siri

With WWDC less than a month away, online forums are filled with rumors speculating what the new Operating System will feature and what changes they can look forward to. According to, work on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 has been going on since late 2015, but there is little known about the new features and abilities that come with the update. It is expected that the main focus of the update will be adding Siri to OS X, allowing us to speak to that sassy voice on our computers. Another tidbit of information leaked regarding the operating system updates points to improvements on the Photos app to provide more capabilities.


New OS’s

As any Apple product owner knows, nothing makes us happier than the announcement of a new device from Apple. However, this year it isn’t looking likely that we can expect a new version of the iPad or Apple TV. However, there are rumors that newer versions of the operating systems for both the Apple Watch and Apple TV will be unveiled.


New Watch (Maybe?)

As for new products (or at least new versions of our favorites), the most promising rumors all point to a second-generation Apple Watch. The refresh of Apple’s newest offering includes talk of a thinner design that could be anywhere from 20% to 40% slimmer than the current version. However, this has not been confirmed. But, if it is, we will need to get to work on updating our Otter project.


New Location

This year’s WWDC promises to be exciting, even if it’s only exciting to the developers that get to test it out before everyone else. Although all past WWDC events have been hosted at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, this year Apple will move the keynote and a few other discussions at the nearby Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. This venue change is due to the growing interest in WDCC, and the need for a larger space in order to get people involved in the larger announcements and speakers.


As we count down the days to WWDC, we hope to get more rumors and updated on what we can expect to see and experience in the latest version of Apple’s operating systems and products.

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