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The year’s almost at a close, which means that you’re probably dreaming up some resolutions for 2018. Whether you’re a mobile app designer, developer or marketer, here are a few you to start your year off in style.

Resolve to make your mobile app easy to find

Discoverability doesn’t end with the App Store. If you’re posting, blogging or Tweeting about your mobile app – and you should be – show it some link love! A button, a link or a CTA are all great ways to encourage users to give your app a try. The easier you make it for users to find your app, the more likely they are to download it.

Resolve to make the most of your data

Leverage your mobile app data. It's good for you.

Leverage your mobile app data. It’s good for you.

Drowning in data is a good way to be. We now have access to detailed, granular figures on who uses our apps, and how. Make it a goal to use that data effectively and responsibly – and to leverage it to create a better app experience for your users. Personalization, optimization and outreach are all positive outcomes of data analytics. You’ve collected that data, so use it!

Resolve to know what’s driving your growth

Identifying growth is easy. Identifying its causes? Not so much. Start monitoring actions inside your mobile app as well as actions related to campaigns and outreach to see exactly what’s driving growth, loyalty and stickiness. When do users upgrade to a paid version? What do they click to get to your app? Use this to drive further growth and additional acquisitions. Don’t be afraid to A/B test!

Resolve to define and actually meet your KPIs

On a similar note, know what success looks like for your app – and how you want to measure it. Don’t conflate installs with conversions, because they’re not the same thing. True app success is an app that’s installed, used and supported through your chosen monetization strategy. Be honest with yourself about whether you’re actually meeting those KPIs. And if you’re not, set up a game plan.

Resolve to get those updates out ASAP

Don't be afraid to test and experiment!

Testing leads to refinement, which leads to great apps!

Don’t let your user acquisition or retention stall over delayed updates. Have a plan for your iterations and push small updates out frequently. You’ll be able to keep your users satisfied – and safe in the knowledge that any flaws in the app are being worked on and resolved. Be quick, nimble and regular in your updates.

Resolve to optimize your push notifications

Push notifications encourage ongoing engagement with your mobile app. They keep an app relevant and draw semi-engaged users back in. They’re your road to creating a habit, so make the most of them. Make them useful, personalized and localized. If they offer value, they’ll be read – not dismissed.

Resolve to experiment, test and refine

You know the problem you’re trying to solve. But don’t limit yourself to your first solution. Allow space in your budget and schedule to try other approaches – and to test what users best respond to. You’ll have evidence to back up your suppositions, and more solid foundations to rest your marketing efforts on.

At Touchtap, our resolution for 2018 is to keep making great apps that users can’t put down – and we hope you’ll join us!


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