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Mobile app reviews are crucial in convincing someone to download your app. Apps with positive reviews – and lots of them – are more likely to trigger a download. They also drive rankings, discovery and even in-app purchases. But only a tiny percentage of users bother to review an app. Let’s take a look at how you can encourage app reviews, as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

Encourage reviews with an in-app plugin

Encourage reviews of your mobile app.

Encourage reviews of your mobile app.

If you want something, you have to ask for it! One of the easiest ways to encourage reviews is to solicit them from within your app. You can build this functionality yourself, or drop in an existing review plugin. Just make sure that you time its appearance correctly. There’s no point getting a brand new user to review your app, for example.

Give them a chance to look around and see some real value before you start asking their opinion. This is more likely to net a positive review. So instead of offering a review prompt right away, time things so that your user has accomplished something first.

Reach out through other channels

Your users have a life outside your app. So try asking for feedback via social channels or even email. But get specific. Showcase your app’s value and how it’s improved your user’s life. Maybe it’s saved them time or money. Maybe they’ve made new friends or met a significant other. Whatever the case, tie that into your marketing so that they’re reminded of your app’s value up front. With luck they’ll be more inclined to leave a review.

Ask for reviews beyond the App Store

The App Store and Google Play are big drivers when it comes to reviews. But these aren’t the only places someone can review your app! Blogs, articles and even social media posts are places where users can review your app – and drive traffic through to your download page.

Respond to your mobile app reviews

Respond to your mobile app feedback.

Respond to your mobile app feedback.

If a user has an issue with your app, try to solve it. Developer responses exist for a reason. And that’s because good customer service goes a long way. Individually respond to questions or technical issues – and ask users to update their review if your help has solved their issue. This will boost your existing reviews, and having a visible customer service presence may even encourage additional downloads.

What to avoid when soliciting mobile app reviews

Apple doesn’t like apps incentivizing users to write reviews. In fact, it actively penalizes apps that do so. And fair enough – how can these reviews be legit, anyway? Similarly, Apple won’t allow users who have downloaded an app using a promo code to leave reviews. So if offering big discounts in exchange for a review is part of your marketing plan, have a rethink.

Sometimes it’s better not to leave a review

Finally, consider that not all feedback needs to exist as a review. Newer apps may experience teething problems, or an update may throw a wrench in the works. Consider disabling review requests when this happens, and guide users towards contacting you with feedback instead. You’ll have fewer reviews, but they’ll probably be more positive over all.

Reviews aren’t the only thing that drive downloads, but they’re a huge factor. Solicit reviews, but do so thoughtfully – with luck your ratings will soar!

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