6 tips for ranking higher on the App Store and Google Play

You’ve launched your mobile app on the App Store and Google Play. Now it’s time to increase traction. Here are 6 tips for optimizing your App Store and Google Play listings to drive more views and downloads. 1. Pick the right keywords. Use a keyword search tool to generate keywords around your app. Aim for […]

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App Store or Google Play? We look at the differences.

App Store or Google Play?

If you’re building an app, one of your first questions will be whether iOS or Android is best. There are pros and cons for each, but one factor to consider is the store platform your app will be pushed to. Let’s look at some of the differences between the App Store and Google Play – and […]

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Mobile app discovery: do you know how users are finding your app?

You’ve built a great mobile app, and you’re doing everything in your power to drive discovery and boost downloads. But if you want to rise to the top of the App Store, knowing where and how users are finding your app is essential. It’s generally true that most apps are found via search. But exactly […]

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Summer Math Start iOS app, built by Touchtap.

Touchtap iOS app launch: Summer Math Star App

Who doesn’t love summer break? Math teachers. Of all subjects, math suffers most from summer learning loss. On average students lose 2.6 months of math skills over the summer break. This requires 6 weeks of catch-up when school resumes. But just 10 minutes a day improves retention of math skills by 66%. Introducing the Summer […]

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A plus for mobile app developers: a revamped App Store web experience.

Mobile app developers rejoice: Apple (finally) revamps the App Store web interface

Mobile app developers breathed a sigh of relief in September of 2017. Why? That’s when Apple launched its overhaul of the App Store. The iOS 11-flavored revamp was designed to cut through the clutter while delivering a clean, colorful experience. Think Apple Music and Apple News, not just an unwieldy list of app icons. Material […]

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Apple has plans to unify its mobile apps across devices.

One app to rule them all: Apple plans for cross-platform mobile apps

As developers of mobile apps, we’ve grown used to the necessary evil of crafting separate apps for iPhones, iPads and iMacs. But news from Apple HQ suggests all that is set to change. Beginning as early as fall 2018, a single app will be able to serve all Apple devices. That’s great news for dev […]

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Reality just got better: ARKit mobile apps hit the App Store

Apple’s recently launched ARKit is making digitally imposed waves across mobile apps. The much-hyped augmented reality tool has now been installed 3 million times for use across a spate of ARKit-powered games and apps. Unsurprisingly, a look at App Store stats shows that games are leaders in AR. That’s both in terms of what’s being […]

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Mobile apps for the Apple Watch are about more than telling time.

Watch yourself: designing a mobile app for the Apple Watch

Twitter’s Apple Watch app has disappeared, and it isn’t the first mobile app to do so. Google Maps, Amazon and eBay have all stepped away from Apple Watch. Does this mean that the Apple Watch app space is doomed? Far from it. But it does show that that the wearable ecosphere has different requirements to […]

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Parallax creates a 3D illusion in a 2D space.

3D or not 3D: parallax in mobile app design

Mobile app users probably associate parallax with single-page scrolling websites. But parallax is an increasingly common feature in mobile app design. From the app icons that jiggle on your mobile screen when highlighted to side-scrolling platform games, parallax is everywhere. Let’s take a look at exactly what parallax is and how – and why – […]

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Mobile app designers and the new iPhone X

The iPhone X turns things up a notch for mobile app designers

It’s an exciting time for mobile app designers. Apple has just announced the latest in the iPhone family: the iPhone X. With edge-to-edge screen display, the X is about as minimalist as it gets. Gone are the white bands at the top and bottom of the screen. Gone is the home button. All that remains […]

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