Mobile apps need to be proactive about privacy.

Mobile apps and the privacy perfect storm

Historically users have deleted mobile apps for things like battery drain, bugs or lacking UX. But increasingly privacy is on app users’ minds. And with good reason. The news has been full of stories about compromised data, digital surveillance and eerie tech company overreach. Why mobile apps are giving us the privacy heebies Take social […]

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Progressive web apps span all platforms and devices.

Will progressive web apps level the playing field for Apple, Google and Microsoft?

Progressive web apps (PWAs) aren’t new, but they’re gathering new traction. In the past year Google, Microsoft and Apple have all been looking to PWAs as a way to create fast, seamless and ready-to-go experiences across all platforms and devices. So what exactly are progressive web apps? Progressive web apps are web pages or websites […]

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A plus for mobile app developers: a revamped App Store web experience.

Mobile app developers rejoice: Apple (finally) revamps the App Store web interface

Mobile app developers breathed a sigh of relief in September of 2017. Why? That’s when Apple launched its overhaul of the App Store. The iOS 11-flavored revamp was designed to cut through the clutter while delivering a clean, colorful experience. Think Apple Music and Apple News, not just an unwieldy list of app icons. Material […]

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Mobile app trends for 2018

Appy New Year! Mobile app trends for 2018

The mobile app reigns supreme in all areas of our lives. Fitness, banking, travel and social: there’s an app for that. But as apps become more integrated into our day, our expectations of them continue to grow. We seek sleeker, cleaner, frictionless experiences – and won’t settle for less. Let’s take a look at how […]

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Are your mobile apps respecting your privacy?

Spy hard: setting boundaries with mobile apps

Mobile apps have infiltrated every part of our lives. For the most part, consumers are fine with that. Convenience trumps privacy. Enabling geotracking lets you add filters to your Snaps. Allowing photo library access lets you post pre-existing photos to Instagram. Saying yes to sharing to accounts, contacts and microphones comes with handy perks. But […]

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Here are our mobile app resolutions for 2018.

We’ll tap to that: mobile app development resolutions for 2018

The year’s almost at a close, which means that you’re probably dreaming up some resolutions for 2018. Whether you’re a mobile app designer, developer or marketer, here are a few you to start your year off in style. Resolve to make your mobile app easy to find Discoverability doesn’t end with the App Store. If […]

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Exploring mobile app trends for 2018.

Tech on trend: Mobile app trends in 2018

It’s been another big year in the mobile app world. Mobile has consolidated its supremacy, becoming our go-to for shopping, entertainment and communication. We’ve also seen AR and VR start to take hold as more than just novelties. So what’s next? Let’s take a look at some of the mobile app trends 2018 is likely […]

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Mobile app reviews encourage downloads.

Public opinion matters: how to drive downloads with mobile app reviews

Mobile app reviews are crucial in convincing someone to download your app. Apps with positive reviews – and lots of them – are more likely to trigger a download. They also drive rankings, discovery and even in-app purchases. But only a tiny percentage of users bother to review an app. Let’s take a look at […]

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Mobile app marketing can make your app a winner.

Getting the word out: mobile app marketing

There’s a mobile app for everything these days. Between Google Play and the App Store there are about 5 million apps for users to choose from. That’s great for consumers, but not so much for app creators. So how do you spread the word about your new app? Here’s a quick primer on mobile app […]

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Mobile app developers should play close attention to sound.

Make some noise: sound design and mobile app developers

Mobile app developers love crafting well-rounded apps. Ones that feel, look and respond the way we expect. But how about sound? Sound effects are a crucial part of great app design. They offer feedback on our actions and help alert us to notifications. They create a special aesthetic world for our app. And yet all […]

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