6 tips for ranking higher on the App Store and Google Play

You’ve launched your mobile app on the App Store and Google Play. Now it’s time to increase traction. Here are 6 tips for optimizing your App Store and Google Play listings to drive more views and downloads. 1. Pick the right keywords. Use a keyword search tool to generate keywords around your app. Aim for […]

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Foldable phones will change how we use our devices.

How foldable phones will shake up mobile apps

The long awaited Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is among the first foldable phones expected to hit the market. And we anticipate that it will change how we use our phones. Why? Despite being the size of a regular phone, the foldable device is able to flip open to like a book to create a larger, tablet-style […]

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App Store or Google Play? We look at the differences.

App Store or Google Play?

If you’re building an app, one of your first questions will be whether iOS or Android is best. There are pros and cons for each, but one factor to consider is the store platform your app will be pushed to. Let’s look at some of the differences between the App Store and Google Play – and […]

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New Google bounty program pays app developers to squash bugs

App security is paramount for app developers. Today’s apps handle huge amounts of personal information, including users’ locations, habits and even financial details. With major security threats like the recent Equifax breach making the news, we need to be paying even more attention to security. Google agrees. In fact it’s just launched a “bug bounty” […]

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Color is key in mobile app development

Colors speak louder than words in mobile app development

There’s more to mobile app development than functionality. The way an app looks can take a look from mid-tier to top of the App Store. Not only that, but apps that take the time to get design right are way more likely to meet accessibility guidelines. According to Google, one area that app developers need […]

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How much time do we really spend on our smartphones?

If you walk down the street you’ll see most people with their phone in hand – and their eyes on their screen. We’re so attached to our smartphones that we’re becoming bionic people. But how much time are we actively spending on our phones? And just what are we doing with that time?   The […]

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I Built an App… Now What?

It all begins as a brilliant idea, then before you know it you have your own application in the app store. It’s a great feeling that comes after months (sometimes even years) of stress, hard work, more stress, and slowly coming to the realization that your idea is now a reality. It’s easy to get […]

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lifecycle of an app

Lifecycle of an App

Every few months, everyone with a smartphone becomes obsessed with the latest “cool” app. From launching disgruntled birds at boxes, to playing anonymous games of Scrabble with strangers, each app has a unique experience but each go through the same general phases during the course of its “life.” Here we describe a few steps in the lifecycle […]

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Parse is… going away. Now what?

Just last week, Facebook announced that it was shutting down its mobile backend as a service (mBaaS), Parse. As of January 2017, the backend service will be retired and no longer be available. This comes as a shock for those that have apps or websites built using the quick architecture. Additionally, this causes major re-evaluation to those who […]

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Android RecyclerView – Pure Greatness

If you’ve worked in Android before, chances are you have used a ListView, or possibly a GridView. These views make it pretty straightforward to build a scrollable list of data that users can view and interact with, the foundation of a majority of the apps you likely use on a day to day basis. While […]

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