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To the dismay of everyone hoping to get a glimpse of a brand new iPhone, the big focus at Apple’s 2016 WWDC was software, not hardware. To the developers in attendance, however, this was the kind of conference they’ve been waiting for. Each year at WWDC, developers get excited to see the newest updates, bug fixes and more. The big theme of the year was operating systems, all of which have been updated and renamed to go with their assigned device. Here’s what we are most excited about following this year’s WWDC.


iOS 10

Beginning with a redesigned lock screen, there’s a lot to look forward to with the next update for our iPhones. Siri is getting a facelift with Siri SDK, which allows developers to build Siri support into their app, making it easier to use each app. Messages have been updated with features including a sketching tool and a new Messages App Store that lets developers create apps specifically for messaging.


Other fun iOS 10 updates include improvements to the Photos app, Maps and Apple Music redesigns, and improved autocorrect. However, what most people are excited about is the ability to finally be able to delete almost all pre-installed apps.



The next operating system for Apple computers, macOS Sierra, already has developers drooling. The biggest development is the Siri integration, which includes Mac-specific functionality to make it easy to utilize this personal assistant on your computer. In addition, Sierra focuses on integration, so each of your Apple products can work together seamlessly. The most notable being a deeper iCloud integration, allowing all files on your desktop to be accessible on all your Apple devices.



From improved search to single sign-on authentication, tvOS 10 will make binge-watching an even better experience. Siri can now be used onyour Apple TV to search shows and movies based on topic, no matter how random or vague it is. You can also go to a live channel on available apps such as ESPN. Single sign-on authentication allows you to login with cable credentials once, and it sends the information to every pay TV app. The new tvOS 10 becomes a complete package with a new and improved remote app, so if you do happen to lose the tiny Apple TV app, you can still watch HBO Now.



The Apple Watch has gone through a lot to get to this point and now watchOS 3 has everyone excited to buy this smart accessory (or replace their old one with the new and improved version). The watchOS 3 kicks off with a new Dock to house user’s favorite apps that lets them launch instantly and cut down load time. New navigation makes way for a new Control Center and easier activity sharing. New apps for the watch include Reminders, Find My Friends, and Breathe. Perhaps the most important is a new SOS capability that calls emergency services when the side button is hit, no matter where you are in the world.


Overall, WWDC 2016 gave every Apple user and lover some new things to look forward, and new ways to play with their favorite devices. For developers, however, this year’s WWDC gave more fun ways to interact, use, design for and develop fun new apps for every Apple device.

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