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At Touchtap we’re all about the experience – the experience you have with us and with the services we provide to you. We’re now enhancing the experience with a new profile on Clutch.

Clutch allows our clients to speak freely and openly about their experience with us so that prospective clients can get the full picture of what we do, how we work, and the results we deliver. Clutch also provides insight into our standing in our field.

Needless to say, we’re pleased to see that the reviews coming in are a solid five stars, and that our clients have the following to say about us:

“Their technical capability is most impressive. It’s a very complicated project…They’ve taken on many challenges that go way beyond the initial remit.”

Not only has Clutch highlighted us for our experience in mobile app development, testing and support services, but we’ve also been featured on their sister site The Manifest. The Manifest ranks us as a top mobile app developer in Dallas, and we’re delighted by the recognition.

Thank you to our clients for not only taking the time to leave us a review, but for trusting us with your projects, ideas and businesses. We look forward to seeing what’s to come!

Touchtap is a digital agency specializing in mobile-first development.We can build your mobile app for you.

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