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We’ve all read those “it was great while it lasted” posts from startups that didn’t quite make it. Perhaps they launched but couldn’t turn a profit, or didn’t even get to launch stage. Either way, everyone loses – the company, the investors and the customers.

Don’t put yourself in that position. Here’s how to build a Texas mobile app startup that will launch – and keep flying high. (Assuming you’ve already validated your idea.)

A prototype is the real MVP

A successful Texas mobile app startup is built on feedback.

A successful Texas mobile app startup is built on feedback.

We’re talking about early-stage prototypes here, not a mostly functional mobile app. Prototypes are a valuable stage in between “idea” and functional execution. Use them! It’s much easier to pitch an investor or even a potential user if you have something they can actually look at. A sketch of your idea on paper is a great start. You’ll have something you can take to VCs, users or a development team to kick things off. Plus you’ll help solidify your own ideas about how your app works.

Listen to feedback and act accordingly

We’ve all heard the Henry Ford quote about “faster horses”. Maybe you know better than your users, but probably not. Refusing to listen to feedback and pushing ahead with a brilliantly disruptive idea probably isn’t going to be how you make your household name. Feedback is data. Ensure that you’re building what your target audience wants, and adjust your product or business model accordingly. If people want faster horses, maybe it’s a good idea to build faster horses.

Hire an external development team

Hire an external dev team to reduce overhead.

Hire an external dev team to reduce overhead.

You know what’s more expensive than building a mobile app? Hiring an in-house dev team. Sure, it’s great to have a bunch of smart, in-house people working full-time and exclusively on your product. But it also chews through your budget. If you’re an early-stage startup, consider hiring an external mobile app development team (like us!). You’ll have more flexibility in terms of staffing costs and development milestones. Plus you’ll be able to get guidance from pros who validate, build and launch apps from a living.

Get ready for growth

What happens if your app suddenly grows to a thousand users? A hundred thousand? Or a million…a day? Scalability requires both technical and business savvy. Growth is great, but you need to figure out how you’ll pay for things like increased server demands and customer service requirements. Start by thinking big and planning accordingly.

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