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So you’ve got an idea for an app and you’re ready to approach a mobile app development studio (like us!). Whether you’ve built an app before or this is your first try, you want things to move as seamlessly as possible. Here are our tips for making the process pain-free and positive for everyone involved.

Know the problem that you’re trying to solve

Know your problem and you'll be on easy street.

Know your problem and you’ll be on easy street.

Coming to us knowing that you want to build an app is great, but knowing exactly why will make everyone’s lives easier. What are you trying to achieve with the app – what’s its value? What are your business goals, and what does meeting them look like? We get that you might be a little bit fuzzy when it comes to features and deliverables, and that’s fine. We’ve got a whole discovery process for that. But knowing that you want an app that helps do X will streamline things immensely.

Define your mobile app development budget

Asking how much an app costs is akin to the age-old piece of string question. Costs will vary with features, complexity, integrations and bells and whistles such as licensed media. Also keep in mind that the work that goes into launching the app is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to keep your app sailing smoothly well into the future, you’ll need to budget for updates, bug fixes and support. That said, if you have a ballpark figure in mind, we can help define where and how that money will be spent. If your ambitions are too big for your budget, we can begin with an MVP and add additional features later on.

Open up the lines of communication

Mobile app development shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. And it shouldn’t just be a conversation between tech people. As apps become more widespread, we work with people with all sorts of job titles and backgrounds. And our side of things, we’re not just code monkeys typing away in a dark room. We’re here as your partners to solve a real business problem. By keeping each other in the loop and having regular check-ins, the process becomes low-hassle and pain-free.

Have a succession plan

Keep the lines of communication open.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Depending on the size of your project, you may be looking at a mobile app development process that spans months or even years. This is especially the case if you’re launching with an MVP and intend to add features as you grow. Make sure you’ve got a plan for what happens if the key contact in your team moves on. Who will step up in their place? How will they be briefed on what they need to know? How will things like budgets and milestones be handled? Stay on top of this, and you’ll be on easy street.

Be okay with letting go

You may have a partially built app, or an outdated one that needs an overhaul. We understand the initial investment that went into your app – and we get that you want to capitalize on that. But at the same time, in these situations sometimes the best solution is to start over. If this is the recommendation that you get, don’t freak out. It can be much more cost-efficient and time-effective to start from scratch than to try to fix a buggy, badly documented product.

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