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Recently we looked at how gig economy mobile apps are changing how people work – and do business. Today let’s take a look at some of the options for supplementing your income with on-demand mobile apps.

Apps for monetizing your personal brand

On YouTube, more views means more money.

On YouTube, more views means more money.

Influencer marketing is the next best thing to word-of-mouth. The bigger your following, the greater your potential income. Common platforms for monetizing your personal brand include:

Twitch. This gaming platform rewards you when users subscribe to your channel. The more appealing your account, the better the money. You can also accept donations from users.

Instagram. The photo-sharing platform sometimes feels like one big ad, and that’s because it is. Brands frequently partner with IG “influencers” to promote their wares. If you’ve amassed a legion of followers, expect brands to approach you with rates of about $1000 per 10,000 followers.

Youtube. Going viral can mean big business on YouTube. In addition to ad revenue, popular YouTubers can net extra revenue from premium subscriptions, as well as purchases of memberships and merch. Become a superstar, and you could earn up to $16.5m a year.

Apps for selling and renting your things

You’ve spent a ton of cash on the things you own. Thanks to on-demand mobile apps, now you can make some of that money back.

Poshmark. If you’re a shopaholic, Poshmark is one way to recoup the costs. Users can sell lightly used designer goods for a profit. Enterprising sellers also shop thrift stores and sales events for the best ROI.

Turo. If your car sits idle in the garage, or you have a sporty number that turns heads, consider listing your car on Turo. The idea is like AirBnb, but for cars: people rent your car for a quick trip, a weekend or a holiday.

Zilok. You’ve already rented out your house and your car. What now? Zilok lets you rent out anything else you own – from speakers to blenders to power tools.

Apps to replace your boss

Love dogs? Use Rover to get paid for walking them.

Love dogs? Use Rover to get paid for walking them.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or work pretty much full-time, there’s an app to suit.

Instacart. If you relish your weekly grocery shop, sign up to help others out with theirs. You handle the shopping and delivery, and you’ll be able to put your tips towards a rainy day.

Rover. One for the dog lovers, Rover lets you make some cash dog walking, house-sitting and pet-sitting. If you’re just in it for the walkies, try the similar app called Wag.

Handy. If you can put together an IKEA bookshelf without having any parts left over, Handy is for you. The app connects handymen and women with local customers for jobs including cleaning, moving and wrangling furniture.

Your very own on-demand mobile apps

There’s one more way to monetize your life through on-demand mobile apps. And that’s building your very own app. Whether you monetize through ads, download costs, affiliate links or in-app purchases, building your own app can be a viable way to create an extra income stream.

This is especially the case if you already have a solid personal brand, or run a business that could scale more rapidly with the help of mobile.

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