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After years in the digital solutions business, we can firmly state that we thoroughly enjoy building mobile apps for startups and entrepreneurs. Whether bootstrapped or investor funded, startups and entrepreneurs are our people. We’re a boutique studio built on a passion for what we do and a drive for seeing results in the world – just like the world’s startup founders.

Here are just some of the reasons why we’re all about building mobile apps for startups.

1 You’re passionate about what you do

No one launches a startup just because. The risk and uncertainty involved in startups means that you’re doing this because you truly believe in your idea. Working with clients and partners who are passionate about what they do is a big part of why we do this. It means that we can truly put our best foot forward to co-create digital solutions that are true to your vision.

Whiteboard showing monthly schedule
Building mobile apps for startups means moving fast.

2 You’re all about the hustle

Startups and entrepreneurs run on an expedited timeline. There’s no back and forth between departments or lengthy internal discussions that take months to resolve. You want to keep things moving, and you’re all in when it comes to scheduling meetings, answering emails and sharing your feedback on your app’s overall direction.

3 You’re not afraid to ask questions

Knowing the “why” behind what’s going on in your project is just as important as the what. We love it that startups and entrepreneurs are inspired to expand their expertise to the fullest extent possible. Questions create dialog, and dialog results in thoughtful, on-point digital responses.  

4 You’re ahead of the curve

There’s no early adopter like a digital solutions provider. We revel in new tech and up-and-coming solutions. And building mobile apps for startups and entrepreneurs gives us all-new opportunity to be the earliest of the early birds. There’s nothing like getting to be part of something before it hits the market – and then seeing the impact it has when it does.

Group of people in a boardroom meeting
Building mobile apps for startups means meetings that get results.

5 You get us because you are us

We truly value the working relationships we have with startups and entrepreneurs. That’s because we tend to get along like old friends. We share a similar drive, similar goals and similar trajectories. Like you, we value what we do, and we want to take it to the highest levels possible. No wonder we’re so often on the same page.

Building mobile apps for startups is our jam

Building digital solutions mobile apps for startups and entrepreneurs is a great gig to have. We get to work alongside some of tomorrow’s top minds as they change the world for the better – and deliver solutions that always strive to be best in class. After all, that’s what it takes.

If you’re a startup or entrepreneur looking for a digital solutions studio to partner with on your mobile app, get in touch! We’d love to help you make things happen.

Touchtap is a digital agency specializing in mobile-first development.We can build your mobile app for you.

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