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As an award-winning mobile app development company, we always consider mobile app ROI (return on investment) as part of our overall development plan. Our aim is to balance our clients’ business requirements with user needs. In doing so, we build apps that deliver an incredible user experience while ensuring our clients enjoy a profitable product.

Talking through mobile app ROI with clients

We discuss mobile app ROI with clients as part of our discovery process. That’s because clients often pursue mobile app development as a way of managing user pain points. This is particularly true of existing businesses, where an app can be a solution for reducing overall budgetary expenditure. Depending on the pain point, the overall ROI can be huge.

Other clients will come to us with an idea for a mobile app aimed at the consumer market. In these instances, the aim isn’t to reduce internal expenditure, but to shift consumer expenditure away from existing solutions and towards a particular app.

eCommerce apps are an example of the latter, while utility apps are an example of the former. Even UX/UI improvements to an existing app can deliver powerful ROI to a client.

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Mobile app ROI is part of our discovery process

Feature sets for maximum ROI

Part of our job is understanding your problem and your industry and transforming those into high-ROI feature sets. The right features can mean big things for your mobile app’s ROI. Our first task is to find the app’s core feature – the “hook” that will drive downloads by solving users’ main pain points.

For some apps, this might be an online payment solution. For others, it might be a way to avoid waiting in line. Others again might aggregate events or information all in the one spot. The main pain point should always drive the core feature set of the app. Typically, we build an app around one core idea or functionality, with a couple of extra pieces of functionality supporting that. Exactly which features will deliver the most ROI will depend on your project and your industry – and our team will propose them accordingly.

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Planning is crucial to maximizing mobile app ROI

Planning ahead for new features

Building mobile apps that deliver immediate ROI helps ensure the viability of your app right out of the gate. The revenues driven by that ROI also provide the additional resources needed to flesh out your app with extra features as it grows. By starting with the core concept and features, and building out accordingly, we ensure that your app delivers what your business needs – and your users as well.

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