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There’s a mobile app for everything these days. Between Google Play and the App Store there are about 5 million apps for users to choose from. That’s great for consumers, but not so much for app creators. So how do you spread the word about your new app? Here’s a quick primer on mobile app marketing.

Get social with Facebook and Twitter

Get social when marketing your mobile app.

Get social when marketing your mobile app.

We all spend more time than we should on social media. Which is why these platforms can be great for encouraging downloads. Segment your audiences appropriately, and prepare a combination of promoted posts/Tweets and sponsored stories geared towards mobile users. After all, if someone is browsing on mobile they’re just a tap away from the App Store. Reddit, YouTube and even Instagram are also options if you have a niche product. As long as you target correctly you’re golden. Aim for great looking images and convincing text – and be sure to highlight the benefits of your app.

Mobile app marketing through word of mouth

Reviews give your app huge social cachet. The more reviews, the more convincing they’ll be to a potential user. Having hundreds or thousands of reviews shows that your app is used by a large audience – and a high number of popular reviews can sway opinion. There are limits on asking for reviews within the app, so consider doing so through your associated social channels or even via email. Offer something in exchange if you can – and don’t pester people for reviews.

Press releases, news articles and guest posts

Analyse this: mobile app marketing matters.

Analyse this: mobile app marketing matters.

It’s easy to get caught up on social influencers, but the mainstream media still holds clout. Write up a press release and send it out to the world, aiming for coverage in major news and tech publications. One way to get interest is to tie your app into current events or trends. Why should people be interested in your app, and why now? You can also offer to write guest posts for blogs in your niche and leverage the power of an existing audience. Here it’s important to balance reach with relevance. You want your posts to be targeted – but not so niche that only half a dozen people will read them.

Optimize your mobile app listing

We’ve spoken before about how important it is to optimize your listing in the App Store and on Google Play. A huge portion of your users will find your app via a simple search, so set yourself apart. Make sure you rank for the right keywords. Ensure that your app title and description capture searches. And ensure that your description, screenshots and teasers really sell the experience. Because even a great marketing campaign will only lead users to your page. The promise of a quality experience is what will make them hit “download”.

Building a great mobile app is just half the challenge. Getting the word out is the crucial step to ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves. Build a powerful mobile app marketing campaign, and watch your downloads climb!

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