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We’ve looked at what makes a great mobile app developer, but how about what makes a great mobile app client? After all, a good partnership is a bit like a marriage – we’re in this together to help transform your vision for your app in reality.

Here’s what we love to see in the clients we work with.

You know what you want

We’re great at what we do, but we need a more substantial brief than “I need an app”. Ideally you’ll have not only a clear idea of the solution you want to build, but also the business needs it’s designed to meet. That way we can ensure that the two are aligned – and that the app you get is the solution you truly need.

You value our expertise and experience

A great mobile app client trusts their digital partner.

A great mobile app client trusts their digital partner.

We’ve been doing this a while, and we’ve learned a thing or two. Great clients trust us to make decisions around an app’s features, technology or integrations. We’ll always get your sign-off on any proposed decisions, but we hope that you’ll see that we’re coming from a place of expertise and experience.

You’re willing to take – and give – feedback

You have a strong vision for your mobile app, and that’s crucial to the whole process. But mobile app development is a process that involves collaboration, cooperation and feedback. Being receptive to feedback while also being able to share your own thoughts is an enormously valuable trait in any great mobile app client.

You love deadlines as much as we do

Our calendars and to-do lists are works of art. We have everything planned out so that we can design, develop and deploy your app on time. Everything runs more smoothly if you’re able to provide materials or sign off on deliverables in a timely manner. If you can stick to your deadlines, then we can too – without the late nights.

You let us know how things are going

Communication is part of being a great mobile app client.

Communication is part of being a great mobile app client.

Mobile app development is a complex process with lots of moving parts. We’re all about communication, and we want to know how you feel at any given time. If there’s something you love, or something you don’t, letting us know is the best way to ensure that we’re all happy campers.

You’re in this for the long-term

Some mobile app developers ship an app and that’s that. But we value being able to build long-term relationships with our clients. In fact, a large percentage of our work comes from existing clients. Apps need TLC and maintenance, and we want to be there to support you as your vision for your app grows – or when you have a brilliant new idea that we can help bring to light.

If you think you have what it takes to be a great mobile app client, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch, and we can discuss your project.

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