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When working with a mobile app startup, one of the first things we do is distill an idea or product down to its core feature. Once that’s been determined, we consider and add additional supporting features that will deliver measurable ROI.

Deciding to add a feature to the app design for your mobile app startup is something we take seriously. Features are complex things that work in tandem with everything else going on in your app. To that end, it’s vital to know:

  • what problem we’re solving by adding a feature
  • how we’re solving that problem
  • how the end result works with the rest of your app.

Here’s what we consider when adding features to your mobile app.


  • Why are we adding this feature?
  • What is the user trying to achieve when adding the feature?

Having a clear purpose helps guide our design.

Image of pineapple with sunglasses.
The extra features for your mobile app startup will be built on your core feature.

Current paradigms

  • How is the problem being solved by other mobile app startups?
  • Will the user be familiar with these approaches?

If there’s a standard way of doing things, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel.

Real world parallels

  • Are there similar approaches you could use?
  • Are there metaphors you could employ?

Even if the feature is all-new, we still try to make it as familiar and intuitive as possible.

Existing knowledge

  • Is the user using another tool that may influence their expectations?

If the user is coming in with expectations about the feature, it’s worth taking these into consideration.

Feature contexts

  • How complex is the feature, and do users need to be guided in its usage?
  • (Bonus: can the feature be simplified?)
  • Where will the feature “live”, and how will the design accommodate it?
  • What brings users to the feature, and where in the app are they coming from?
  • What triggers the use of the feature?
  • Are there any conditions to meet first?
  • Do any settings need to be configured first?
  • How often will the feature be used?
  • Does accessibility need to be considered?
  • Will all users have access to the feature?
  • How will you onboard the feature?
  • (Bonus: does it need a name?)

All of these factors will influence how the feature is integrated into the app.

Image of hexagonal flooring tiles as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of mobile app features.
We always consider how your mobile app startup features will work with the rest of your app’s functionality.

Responses and feedback

  • Does the feature require multiple steps?
  • How can progress be measured?
  • What kind of success/failure feedback should be provided?
  • (Bonus: how can users provide feedback about the feature?

Progress responses can help guide how a user engages with the feature.

Tech requirements

  • Are there technical constraints and requirements to consider?
  • How can these be worked around?

Feature design is complex, and the answers to these questions will depend on the requirements of your mobile app startup. But by carefully considering the why, what and how of a new feature, we can ensure that it solves a user problem in a way that’s simple, intuitive and valuable.

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